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Welcome to the Brian Wilson Web Ring, the largest Web Ring dedicated to Brian Wilson and related acts. See the new page dedicated to the web ring poll here. See how the web ring has developed over time.Members please check this section.

This web ring is dedicated to the man who many feel is the greatest musical genius of the 20th century. Best known for his work with the Beach Boys, many people will know some of his songs, but few will know the background to his life or many of his lesser-known works. His genius is certainly underrated and under-appreciated by the mass market, and he is also a very misunderstood figure, about whom many myths have been circulated but sometimes very little truth.

My hope is that by exploring this web ring you will get a feeling for the genius of Brian Wilson as well appreciate the efforts of many webpage authors who have been inspired by Brian's music. You will find a variety of sites here, from fan sites dedicated to Brian and the Beach Boys, fan sites for people closely linked to Brian, pages written by music artists heavily influenced by Brian, and general homepages of some of Brian's fans. I can assure you your trip around this web ring will never be boring, so jump right in........

NB! Please Read
I sent the following e-mail to all members of the ring on 20 June 2002. However, many of your addresses have changed, so I am putting it on the main page as well.

"Hi all

Just a quick note to let you know that I have put the Brian Wilson ring back on auto-manage, as the new web ring system seems to be functioning pretty well. This means that if your site does not have the correct web ring links, it will be suspended from the ring. If it is suspended for more than 90 days, the site will be deleted from the ring.

I know that the auto-checker does not pick up the correct links in every case. If you feel that your site has been suspended in error, please let me know, and I can make a manual change that will make your site immune from the code checker in future.

Thanks for being a part of this great web ring for a great artist



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